Registered Nurses and APN's

Mission Statement

The Stateline Nurses Network, NFP (SNN) is a not-for-profit group of registered professional nurses who seek to advance the profession of nursing through networking, collegiality, continuing education, and professional development.

About Stateline Nurses Network

The Stateline Nurses Network, NFP (SNN) was organized in November 2012 when a group of registered professional nurses who were previously involved with the Illinois Nurses Association (INA) District 3 decided to continue local efforts to provide networking and educational opportunities after INA re-structured and the districts were dissolved earlier that year. This group felt a strong desire to continue their work to advance the profession of nursing and created a new not-for-profit (NFP) organization - the Stateline Nurses Network, NFP! The group wanted to include nurses from both Illinois and Wisconsin and recognized that other nearby states may have an interest in our mission as well. The board of directors for Stateline Nurses Network consists of a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and two directors.

Nurses Expo professional nurses conference

Stateline Nurses Network has a strong commitment to its annual Nurses Expo, one of the longest-running professional nursing conferences in Illinois. Networking and educational events are planned by committees. SNN acknowledges that nurses have a wide variety of practice settings and expertise. Professional nurses are actively and visibly involved with their communities, often volunteering for public organizations and events, supporting charitable agencies, and paying close attention to legislation that affects nursing and the welfare of our population. As nurses, we appreciate that the strength of our profession lies in both the richness of our history and wide educational and work experiences; but also in our unique ability as a large group of professionals to recognize our power to adapt and influence change, policymakers, and the health of our communities.

Stateline Nurses Network encourages every nurse to join their state's professional nursing organization to provide unity of message, goals, strategies, and resources. In Illinois, ANA-Illinois represents and supports the Nurse Practice Act, our state board of nursing, education of nurses, and societal and legal implications of our profession. Stateline Nurses Network serves as a valuable local resource to strengthen our voice, offer encouragement, and stimulate involvement in the profession of nursing.

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